What is a Trust?

Trusts: An Explanation of What They Are and How They Could Benefit You

A trust is a legal relationship in which one person, the Grantor, transfers property to another person known as the Trustee. The Trustee then holds the property, managing and using it for the benefit of a third person, known as the beneficiary. The property can be almost any type of property- money, real estate, business interests, securities, etc. The Grantor may also be referred to as the Donor, Settlor or Trustor. Depending upon the type of trust, the Grantor, Trustee and Beneficiary may be three different individuals, or in some instances, they may all be the same person. The document which creates this relationship and spells out the terms is known as the “trust agreement.” Once created, a trust is a legal entity which is capable of owning property. It may even have its own tax payer identification number and have to file income tax returns.

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