About Attorney Isabell M. Mueller


With more than 25-years as an Attorney in the Midwest, Isabell M. Mueller has helped to develop an estate plan that works for every client’s unique situation. Whether a client is looking to create a will or establish a trust, appoint a person to carry out their wishes after death, or simply understand what their options are, she is a trusted Attorney who can help.

Areas of Expertise

Isabell also recognizes that these decisions are sometimes the most difficult for her clients to make. With that, she offers a great sense of attentiveness, understanding, and education.

If you’re looking for a credible Attorney like Isabell Mueller, contact her today. She is also experienced in leading educational presentations to any size group and would happily speak at your next engagement. Please contact her at 414.430.1722 or email her at imueller@muellerlawoffices.com.